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Listener poll: What song reminds you of leaving high school?

Angela Weiss
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With graduation season here, we're asking you to send us a voice memo — or an email — telling us about a song that takes you back to when you left school, said goodbye to old friends and headed out on your own. Maybe it's a song you came back to over and over again, one that brought you comfort, lifted you up or helped you find clarity in one of the most uncertain periods of your life. We'll feature select stories and songs on an upcoming episode of All Songs Considered.

Just record a voice memo telling us:

Your first name and where you're located (city, state or country).
The name of the song.
Why it reminds you of high school or why it means so much to you.

Email it to us: allsongs@npr.org

You can also send us a written email or fill out the form below.

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Robin Hilton
Robin Hilton is known as the host of NPR's New Music Friday podcast, the former co-host of All Songs Considered and for his name that appears in white bubble letters above every concert at the Tiny Desk, a series he helped start in 2008 with Bob Boilen and Stephen Thompson. He produced several early acts, including the second-ever performer in the series, Vic Chesnutt, and suggested naming the series Tiny Desk after Tiny Desk Unit, a band Boilen was in in 1979. He's since produced performances at the Desk by everyone from Sharon Van Etten and Son Lux to Steve Martin, Harry Styles and Chance the Rapper.