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GIF Explainer: How To Watch Wilco's Tiny Desk In 360 Degrees

If your memory of virtual reality still includes climbing on a platform at the mall and strapping on a clunky headset, know that the '90s are long over and the future is in your hands ... literally. Recently VR has evolved into a medium where anybody with a computer or smartphone can experience it. So if you just weren't paying attention (like me), maybe you're not quite sure how to watch our behind-the-scenes video of Wilco's Tiny Desk, filmed with 360-degree cameras right in front of the audience. You can get right up in Jeff Tweedy's face, see the folks who make the Tiny Desk happen and watch the audience around you as Wilco performs.

Here's an explainer with GIFs because, hey, GIFs explain it all.


From your mobile device (iOS and Android), we recommend opening the video in the Youtube, Facebook or Little Star apps. You can turn your phone sideways and slantways and squareways (well, maybe not the last one) to your heart's content.


From your desktop browser, you can click and drag around the NPR Music office. Or press the left, right, up and down keys on the keyboard. It looks best in Chrome, Firefox or Opera.


If you already own (or know someone that owns) a VR headset, just slip your smartphone into the front slot, hit play (don't forget the headphones!), and fully immerse yourself in the Tiny Desk. Be thankful we didn't include Smell-O-Vision.

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Lars Gotrich
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