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Spoon's 'Lucifer on the Sofa' is a rock album inspired by Austin

Spoon released its record Lucifer in the Sofa in February 2022. Lead singer Britt Daniel chatted with WYEP Host Liz Felix about the album.

Daniel said it was a long journey creating this record, between the pandemic, releasing a greatest hits album and a tour with Beck.

Eventually, he ended up in his hometown of Austin, Texas, and got lost in songwriting. He produced a lot of new songs that had to be reworked into the new album.

“That’s the thing that kept me sane, was to get lost in writing a song,” he said. “And then we had all of these new ones and I was like these have got to go on the record. These are better than some of these central ones. So we’re a long way off now from being finished.”

What else kept Britt Daniel sane during the pandemic? He says he did a lot of radio listening, something that he remembers provided him with a connection to the outside world as a child, too.

“It was the thing that made me realize that even when I couldn’t leave the house or couldn’t leave my room or felt lonely or was bored, it gave me the sense that there’s a world that’s still happening out there,” he said. “I have evidence. It’s coming through the radio.”