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Celebrate 25 years of ‘Dubmission’ on WYEP with Kerem Gokmen

Having started my radio career in 1993 in Istanbul on Power FM, I was accustomed to playing electronic music on the radio from a very early age. I began on WYEP in ’97 as a Modern Times host, and switched the format and the name of the show to Dubmission in ’98. It was an outlet for me to play electronic music that wasn’t being played anywhere else on the radio during the late 90s. During those years that genre of electronic music consisted mainly of techno, dub, house, downtempo and nu jazz.

Having the freedom to play anything I desired on the overnights, the sounds of the show evolved over the years to include everything from garage, drum and bass, hip-hop, free jazz, glitch, disco, UK street soul, funk, ambient, experimental, and psych (and so much more).

Occasionally there will be guest mixes by DJs and producers from all four corners of the globe, as well as interview segments where artists talk about their latest releases.

Some of the names that have stopped by the station and were featured on Dubmission over the years include international recordings artists such as Bonobo, Alice Russell, The Foreign Exchange, RJD2, Waajeed, Byron the Aquarius — as well as Pittsburgh’s own Shawn Rudiman, Buscrates, and C Scott.

Throughout the U.S. there might be less than a handful of stations where you’ll hear anything like what you’ll hear on Dubmission each week — certainly not for four hours each week!

Producing and hosting a show like this every single week for 25 years is no small task, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. I’m also fortunate enough to be able to present it on a station as diverse as WYEP for giving me complete artistic freedom. The show just continues to get better and better over time.

Producer and host of Dubmission since 1998, Kerem got his start in radio at a very early age in Istanbul, Turkey. While still a junior in high school in 1993, he started as a DJ and eventually on-air personality at Power FM, one of the country’s first commercial radio stations that played foreign music.