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Guest DJ Tom Verlaine

Tom Verlaine spins everything from Charles Mingus to <em>The Day the Earth Stood Still</em> soundtrack.
Stefano Giovannini
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Tom Verlaine spins everything from Charles Mingus to The Day the Earth Stood Still soundtrack.

We learned of the passing of Tom Verlaine today, January 28, 2023. Here's a conversation we had in 2006 with insight into the music that inspired him and the music he was working on back then.

Guitarist Tom Verlaine, best known for his work with the New York punk band Television, talks about his own work and shares some of his favorite recordings. Verlaine's just released two albums, his first new work in 14 years. Hear selections from Around and Songs And Other Things, plus works that have inspired Verlaine over the years, like the classic soundtrack to The Day the Earth Stood Still and Henry Mancini's "Experiment in Terror."

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Guest DJ Tom Verlaine

Marquee Moon

"Marquee Moon"

Marquee Moon was Tom Verlaine's first CD with his late '70s, early '80s New York punk band Television.

Hog Callin' Blues

"Hog Callin' Blues"

Jazz bassist Charles Mingus originally recorded this album for Atlantic in 1961. The recording was unusual because Mingus hired another musician to play bass. He instead plays piano and sings vocals on several tracks.

Second Piece

"Second Piece"

Henryk Górecki is a contemporary classic composer from Poland. He drew wide-spread attention in the early '90s when his "Symphony No. 3" made a surprising appearance at the top of British pop charts. Górecki's "Three Pieces in Old Style" is one of his most performed works.

Those Harbor Lights

"Those Harbor Lights"

Warm and Cool was Tom Verlaine's 1992 solo, instrumental album. It's heard frequently between news stories on All Things Considered.

Experiment in Terror

"Experiment in Terror"

The prolific film composer Henry Mancini wrote this theme for the 1962 movie Experiment in Terror.

The O of Adore

"The O of Adore"

This is one of two albums Tom Verlaine released in 2006. It's another instrumental album showcasing his guitar work.

Prelude and Outer Space

"Prelude and Outer Space"

Considered the dean of film composers, Bernard Herrmann is known for legendary scores to films like Psycho, Citizen Kane and this classic main theme for the 1951 film The Day the Earth Stood Still.

The Day on You

"The Day on You"

Songs and Other Things was the second of two new albums released in 2006. While Around was a collection of instrumental songs, Verlaine sings on this record.

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