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Pittsburgh Artist of the Week: LoRen

LoRen is a genre-melding singer-songwriter who resides in style in the worlds of Americana, Gospel, and Hip-Hop. Her latest EP – Pardon Me – finds her emerging as an artist who should truly command your attention. The record’s title track is for anyone who’s ever pretended to be something other than their most-true self.

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What’s your musical history up to this point?

I grew up singing in church as a young child, studied classical and Broadway music, collaborated on international house music projects, performed in front of thousands, and earned a degree in audio production from Full Sail University. Prior to ” Pardon Me,” I released countless singles, with my last EP released in 2019. Within my new EP ” Pardon Me,” I truly emerge as an artist, sharing my best work yet.

How do you describe your sound?

I would describe my sound as a ” Genre-melding” singer-songwriter. I have gospel, country, and hip-hop influences within my music.

Tell us more about the song “Pardon Me.” What inspired you to write it?

I wrote the first two verses of, “Pardon Me” when I was 13 years old. I was a shy kid and noticed my “people-pleasing” tendencies early. I imagined ” Pardon Me” as a love song, where I was trying to be in a serious relationship with a guy who I knew wasn’t good for me. Fast Forward to now, releasing this song at 27 years old, married with a child, the song holds a whole new meaning. “Pardon Me,” represents every moment ( at work, school, etc.) I’ve felt the need to pretend to be anyone other than my authentic self.

What was the first album that really changed your life? 

Sam Cooke’s ” Portrait of a Legend: 1951-1964,” changed my life. I remember the day I heard his voice for the first time, I was 7 years old, in the back of my dad’s car, Captivated like never before.

Which Pittsburgh artist(s) do you wish more people knew about?

First, Americana artist, Paul Luc is one of my favorite artists in Pittsburgh. He produced and collaborated with me on “Pardon Me,” and has had a significant influence on my new music. Cam Chambers and Joziah Council, are two other great local artists. All three creatives put on an incredible show, make amazing music and have their own unique voices.

Any other super interesting things we should know about you?

I’m just getting started with releasing music this year! I plan to release a full album by the end of the year! Get ready for it!

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