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WYEP Concert Calendar: Submission Guidelines

Before submitting your event, please note the guidelines below for inclusion in WYEP’s concert listings. 

  • For 91.3 WYEP, a concert should be a musical performance where the audience is largely attending because of a specific performer(s).
    • Open mic nights or jam session performances should not be included.
    • Community or commercial events that happen to have a musical performance will not be included unless the performer is the primary reason for attendance. (For example, a Steelers halftime performance or a musical performance at a political rally will not be considered a concert.)
    • A musical play will not be included.
    • A dance or other artistic discipline show with a highlighted musical performance will not be included unless it features a significant performance from a significant artist with a history of 91.3 WYEP airplay.
  • While listings are not limited to artists played by 91.3 WYEP, in order to be included, a performance must fall within a popular music genre. 
    • Performances of classical and/or religious music will not be included.
    • Broadway revues will not be included unless the artist has a history of significant 91.3 WYEP airplay.
    • Cultural and/or traditional musical performances will not be included unless the artist has a history of significant 91.3 WYEP airplay.
    • Shows headlined by or primarily featuring a DJ will not be included, except in cases where the DJ has created music regularly receiving airplay on WYEP AAA programming.
  • Generally, residencies will not be included unless they feature artists with a history of 91.3 WYEP airplay. (For example, a weekly bar night featuring a specific artist would not be included.)
  •  Cover or tribute band performances will not be included, except in special cases.

Presentation standards

  • 91.3 WYEP lists concerts as a performance by the artist(s) involved. Broader marketing materials in the “name” of the concert will not be included. They may be included as part of the show description. Examples:
  1. If Michael Franti was performing at the Three Rivers Arts Festival, the show would be primarily listed as a Michael Franti concert and the Three Rivers Arts Festival name would be included in the show description. (Exceptions are made in rare cases.)
  2. Show or tour names such as “An Evening With Richard Thompson” or “The Summerland Tour” will be limited to the show description.
  3. 91.3 WYEP will never include marketing materials referring to other radio stations, even in the show description. 
  • The name of the headliner of a concert is the show “name,” unless the opening artist(s) have significant name recognition. Generally, opening acts should be included in the description.  In cases where there is no obvious headliner, multiple artists can be listed as the show name separated by commas (unless one of the artist names include a comma, in which case the names are separated by semi-colons).
  • Avoided describing your show in a way that would appear to resemble 91.3 WYEP editorial content. (e.g., “We think you won’t want to miss this one!”) 

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