WYEP Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Searching for a gift for the music-lover in your life that is more exciting than a Spotify gift card? The staff at WYEP has you covered! From musical memoirs to delightful tchotchkes, we’ve curated 30 perfect gifts for the holiday season.   

Joey Spehar's Picks:

Dave’s Picks 2020 Subscription: Grateful Dead
The Grateful Dead were pioneers in the world of “official” bootleg releases. Starting with the Dick’s Picks series and other assorted full-show releases, the Dead are well adept at making something that is old feel quite new. This year you can subscribe to the Dave’s Picks series featuring 4 official full-show releases, hand selected by Grateful Dead archivist David Lemiuex.

Swift Audiology Custom Earmolds and Earplugs
Concert go-ers are finally catching on to the benefits of hearing protection at shows. Now you can get custom-molded plugs to help save your hearing (and guard against tinnitus) right here in Pittsburgh.

A Martin D-28 Acoustic Guitar Played By Jerry Garcia on the Festival Express Tour, Canada
In just the same way as wearing Air Jordans will make you play like Mike, just owning one of Jerry Garcia’s guitars will instantly transform you into one of the world’s best, most cosmically in-tune guitarists. JK, but wouldn’t it look amazing hanging on your wall??

Girl at the Edge by Karen Dietrich
Karen Dietrich – who (along with her husband R.J. and their son Robert) plays in the Pittsburgh band Essential Machine – has her first novel coming out in March. Girl At The Edge is a thrilling nature-versus-nurture psychological suspense novel about a daughter trying to deny her worst impulses and distance herself from her violent and dangerous father.

Music Festival VIP Experience
Music festivals are great fun if you’re young or rich. For just $2500 more than your ticket price, you can get the Super-Luxury camping option at Bonnaroo in Manchester, Tennessee. It doesn’t matter that the lineup hasn’t been announced yet. You won’t care who the hell is playing as you relax in the comfort (and sweet, sweet air conditioning) of your super-luxury tent. 

Kyle Smith's Picks:

Dead Man’s Pop Box Set:
“Back in 1987, Minneapolis rock and roll renegades The Replacements famously stole their Twin/Tone master tapes and threw them in the Mississippi River. A year later—while wrapping up work on their Warner Bros. album, Don't Tell A Soul—the group absconded with a collection of their reels from Paisley Park studios. Thankfully, those tapes were spared a watery fate, and instead stashed away for decades by the band. Now they’ve been recovered to form the basis of The Replacements first-ever boxed set, DEAD MAN’S POP.”  

Curtis Mayfield: Keep On Keeping On
“Keep On Keeping On Features Newly Remastered Versions Of The First
Four Studio Albums The Legendary Artist Recorded Between 1970 And 1974”

Bose Bluetooth Portable Speaker
Listen to your favorite WYEP hits anywhere you go. It’s water-resistant and tough and ready for your next adventure in 2020!

Creative Quest by Questlove
Start 2020 off right with Questlove, as the musician, bandleader and producer guides you to living your best creative life.

Let’s Go ( So We Can Get Back) A Memoir of Recording and Discording with Wilco, Etc. by Jeff Tweedy 
Read about Tweedy’s childhood, life in the live-music circuit and the Chicago scene that brought it together. 

Rosemary Welsch's Picks:

Morning Glory on the Vine: Early Songs and Drawings by Joni MItchell
In 1971 Joni Mitchell put together a collection of her artwork with her lyrics. She presented it to her friends as a Christmas gift. Now it's available as a beautiful book.

Before Easter After by Lynn Goldsmith and Patti Smith
Photographer Lynn Goldsmith has been friends with Patti Smith for forty years. She's taken some of the most iconic photos of the legendary star, including her infamous
1979 fall from the stage that put Patti in rehab for five months. This limited edition book features many of those photos.

Year of the Monkey by Patti Smith
The legendary artist brings her perceptive vision of the world to life through gorgeous prose and wandering imagery that matches her journey through the world.

American Utopia with David Byrne
If you can get your hands on a pair of these tickets you are assuring the recipient of one of the most fantastic evenings of entertainment and uplifting emotions. Byrne's Broadway show has won rave reviews and is selling out.

Liz Felix's Picks:

ATH-M50x Professional Monitor Headphones
They may be larger, but these headphones are perfect for the music fan who listens at their desk for much of the day or likes to listen critically. Liz Felix has used them daily for ten years.

Vibes Concert Earplugs
Hearing protection might not be the most fun thing to think about at a concert, but it’s necessary.

Cat Scratching Turntable
Because how have you had Whiskers for this long and NOT bought this?

Ukes from Pittsburgh Guitars
A great gift for someone who wants to learn to play. Let the YouTube videos begin!

The Beautiful Ones by Prince
It includes handwritten notes and never-before seen photos.

Brian Siewiorek's Picks:

Beatles Brick- The Cavern Club
For the Beatles fan who has everything. Before they became mega superstars, The Beatles played the original Cavern Club in Liverpool, England. Now you can own a brick from the club.

Iggy Pop: Funko Pop! Rocks Vinyl Figure
Because everyone needs at 5” tall Iggy Pop figurine to sit at their desk to pump them up through the day. 

Bowie’s Bookshelf: The Hundred Books that Changed David Bowie’s Life

Music Journalist John O’Connell breaks down the books on David Bowie’s bookshelf and studies how they were incorporated into the artist’s life.

Brooklyn Boombox
Be the coolest kid on the block with this 1980s style boombox, made for the 21st century. 

Vibes High Fidelity Concert Earplugs
Because you want to enjoy the concerts just like you did in highschool, but sensibly… 

Mike Sauter's Picks:

Abbey Road Super Deluxe Box
If you know a Beatles fan who doesn't yet have this set, this is a prime gift item. Classic album newly remixed, plus outtakes and a book to give incredible context to the music.

The Beatles from A to Zed: An Alphabetical Mystery Tour
The Beatles From A to Zed - Author Peter Asher was not only half of the duo Peter & Gordon and later a top-shelf record producer, but at one time he came close to becoming Paul McCartney's brother-in-law. So who better to examine The Beatles' music for this book?

Big Brother & The Hoding Company’s Cheap Thrills T-shirt
For a music T-shirt, you not only want music/musicians you love gracing your body but you also want terrific artwork. If you know someone who digs either Janis Joplin or The Stone Roses, here are shirt reproductions of classic cover art. You've got the Robert Crumb-designed cartoon cover from Cheap Thrills for the Joplin fan in your life, or the artwork from the Stone Roses 1989 debut album, created by the band's own guitarist John Squire.

Erin McKeown Ice Scraper
One of the more offbeat gifts you might find for a music lover this holiday season is this Erin McKeown ice scraper. Longtime friend of WYEP McKeown creates music that can melt your heart or make you think, so why not an essential winter car item that can make you think while you scrape your frosty windshield (if not melt it)?