Today is the Best Day Ever

Pittsburgh indie/emo band Today is the Best Day Ever’s song topics include experience with depression, poverty and health issues. Nick Cotter, front man for the band says they approach writing as a therapeutic exercise.

“Almost every song is about chronic health issues and why they occurred. I have a somatic disorder, which is not pleasant. Our bassist has CF, which is definitely not pleasant. For both of us, the ability to write allows us to take ownership of dealing with health issues every second of every day. It allowed me to have ownership and actually take those negative things with my body, or what caused them to happen, and make them into something somewhat positive without romanticizing it.”

In covering difficult topics, Cotter says they are intentional about their message and helping others in difficult situations.

“We don’t do it so people will say “Oh! That’s a really cool thing to write about.” Don’t worship being sad. That’s something that’s hard to deal with if you have depression or other things. The action part of that is that we connect people to resources. I’ve used Resolve Crisis way too many times to count or care to tell. They’re a local suicide network here in Pittsburgh run by UPMC. We have information at every single one of our shows about Resolve Crisis. We also have information about Prevention Point Pittsburgh because the band really started when we lost a friend to an opioid overdose.”

Today is the Best Day Ever’s new album Placed is out now.

Photo by Manuel Maysonet