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Well, the acts featured in The Local News for July all coincidentally have long complicated titles. All quality artists and all available on The Local News Podcast. You can also check them out on-air Monday-Thursday at 9 pm (starting tonight). Let me know what you think:

Joy Toujours and the Toys Du Jour - "Touchez Moi"
I have to say the name of this band very slowly: Joy Toujours and the Toys Du Jour. They've been playing for a few years and have a new record entitled Onward. Definitely of the experimental indie persuasion, Joy Toujours' new record would please fans of bands like Morphine, Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers and Talking Heads.

Meeting of Important People - "Leap-The-Dips"
Last year, WYEP named Meeting of Important People our local act of the year for their excellent self-titled debut. They boys are back this month with a new EP titled Quit Music, which hopefully they don't plan on doing. The seven song release further demonstrates the pure talent of lead singer Josh Verbanets in songwriting and performing.

B-Rad and The Best of The West Players - "Oh, My Baby"
B-Rad and The Best of The West Players is lead by Brad Ladik. The new B-Rad CD features players from local favorites like Donora, Meeting of Important People and Mariage Blanc. It also covers a broad sonic spectrum with clear influences of country, garage rock, punk, soul and funk.

Thomas Jefferson's Aeroplane - "This Changes Everything"
Thomas Jefferson's Aeroplane consists Bill Deasy and and Rich Jaques- who led two of the finest bands to come out of Pittsburgh in the late 90's- The Gathering Field and Brownie Mary. Together, they've created very catch music with skillful songwriting and creative interesting electronic instrumentation. This is their second release.




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New local music featured on WYEP’s The Local News during the month of June. Podcast it or tune in to The Local News (Mon-Thurs @ 9 PM). These tracks begin airing on Monday May 24th and will posted to the 'cast very soon. Lemme know what you think of that Cry Fire song- WOWZA.
--- Cindy

Joy Ike - "Like A Picture" Rumors

The sophomore release from Pittsburgh's piano playing sweetheart, Joy Ike. Joy's wonderfully engaging on her records, on stage and in person. You would be hard pressed to find a nicer person- plus she's a tremendously talented performer. Her fans proved that she was #1 by voting her "Best Solo Artist" by City Paper two years in a row and this new CD, "Rumors" was fan-funded. Although she has a different sound, Ike has the potential to gain a Tori Amos-like devotional fan-base at a regional or even national level (she was recently featured on NPR!). Joy's music would appeal more to fans of Ingrid Michaelson, Elliott Smith and Josh Ritter.

Small Cities - "Hit My Door" Jackson Purchase
My favorite new Pittsburgh band- they are six members and 2.5 doctors strong. Small Cities emulates a classic southern rock sound reminiscent of The Band, Gram Parsons/Emmylou Harris and Tom Petty. You can trust you're in for something good when all the guitars are Rickenbacker guitars (even the bass). There's some sweet southern charm going on here as well, four members moved to Pittsburgh from Kentucky (specifically to start this band). Their live shows are a really exciting experience- you can see them for free at WYEP on Oct 21st for Third Thursday.

Cry Fire - "The Spark" If I Don't See You Again
Listen. I tried to fight the urge to like this album.... I can't- it's so good and smooth and I don't even care to tell you all about it. Cry Fire doesn't care what cool hipsters think about them, either! This is from their press release: "Where a lot of current groups shy away from clean production, strong vocals and classic lead guitar work, Cry Fire tastefully embraces all these elements." And how! This record is good start to finish. It is further made great by backing vocals from well-known regional country singer, Katie Orlofske. Embrace it! Feel good about life!

Round Black Ghosts - "Thick As Thieves" Line Up
Round Black Ghosts features former members of Waking Matthew and other local bands of the past. While I enjoyed their previous release, they've developed in a few ways on their new CD that's been in the works since January 2009. Titled Line Up, it features stronger songwriting from Aaron Shafer, who shines with his Jay Farrar like vocals. This record will further increase their already strong presence in the local music scene.


New Music


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Local News
Okay! I know the month is almost over, but I had to shovel out this blog (#SnOMGPgh!) and it took longer than I anticipated. Soooooo here's the featured local artists of the month airing on The Local News (Mon-Thurs @ 9 PM or on the podcast) for my birthday month.... xoxo Cindy

Paul Luc- "Aftermath" (A Revival. A Roadsong. A Rearview Mirror.)
This is Paul's second release. He's working with the same band- who make up a large part of The Paul Luc sound. This is not a singer-songwriter-folk album. This is a roots-rock anthem-filled rock-rocky album. This song serves as a great opening to the record.

Bill Toms & Hard Rain- "Sweat Stained Shirts" (Live At Moondog's)

Solid live album from one of Pittburgh's finest Blue-Collared Soul/Blues musicians. This tracks shows Bill's pride in his Pittsburgh roots through the town's steel mill history. Someone get this song to Bruce Springsteen ASAP.

Nicole Reynolds- "Crazy as You" (A Fine Set of Fools)
Nicole's delicate, yet effective, dynamic is ever-present on this sonically diverse album. This song is a fun upbeat sweet indie rock number which features smart witty lyrics. Sounds great!

Beware Fashionable Women- "Rock Bottom" (Beware Fashionable Women)
BFW's sound captures that ironic alt-rock we all love from the 90's. They remind me of bands like Weezer, Blink 182 and They Might Be Giants in certain ways. They also have some sweet Beach Boys-esque harmonies on this song.


New Music


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local news

Happy New Year!
New local music for January!! You can find these on The Local News Podcast or Mon-Thurs at 9 pm on 91.3 fm. Let me know what you think- A lot of familiar names this month with great sounding albums.
Thanks :)

Chalk Dinosaur- "Rosedale" (Chalk Dinosaur)
New band made of mostly students (CMU, Robert Morris and CCAC). Fun indie-pop sound- similar to locals Good Night, States. They cite Death Cab, Weezer, The Beach Boys and My Morning Jacket as influences (among others). This is their debut.

Bill Deasy- "No One Try and Talk Me Down" (Being Normal)
Bill's kind of rocking out on this release. He's brought in some electric guitars and has found his "rock star voice". Another great collection from one of Pittsburgh's finest singers.

The Boogie Hustlers- "Find A Way" (The Boogie Hustlers)
Third release from the local funk/soul band. This time they found a new singer, dropped the horns and made an album that sounds more like The Boogie Hustlers than their two previous albums.
*** An addendum ***  It is the same lead singer as the other two records. From Ryan Meals of The Boogie Hustlers:

"Wanted to let you know that all 3 of our albums have the same lead singers, no new one for this album.  What happened is right after "True Colors" (2nd album) was released, Vince left the band, only to return a year or so later.  On this album, we did add a 3rd voice to the vocals, Scott Jamison, whose voice adds depth to the vocal harmonies in addition to his aux. percussion playing." 

Good Brother Earl- "When I Come Around" (Fiction)
Also a third release from the local roots-rock quartet. This song sounds very tight- this band has hit their stride with a strong new release. PS: it is NOT a Green Day cover.


New Music


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