Sara Lee Guthrie

Sarah Lee Guthrie and her husband Johnny Irion have recently teamed up again with Wilco's Jeff Tweedy.  The latest Guthrie family and Wilco collaboration released the track "Chairman Meow", a song with a Rubber Soul era Beatles sound to it.  Sarah Lee Gutherie - who has worked with Jeff Tweedy in the past - commented on the writing and recording process for Wassaic Way, “We actually ended up rewriting a lot of these songs with Jeff in the studio,” Guthrie says. “We would pow-wow on a song before we got going on it…just me and Johnny and Jeff, making sure it was lyrically sound and there were no musical loopholes."  The track is one of 11 on the trio's upcoming record Wassaic Way which is due to be released on August 6.

Listen to the track below.


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