Every Wednesday at 9:13 am, one of WYEP’s trusted music experts joins me (Cindy Howes) on The Morning Mix to play a couple favorite new songs and share some insight. Today we welcome Sarah Wardrop from WFUV in New York!

In case you missed, it here’s what she played:

Santigold, "Can't Get Enough of Myself" - This new song from Santigold premiered a couple of weeks ago, and her album 99¢ will be out until January. As the title indicates, there is a humorous confidence in the lyrics, but they include some social commentary too. Sonically, Santigold has incorporated anything from indie-rock to electronica on her past two albums, so I'm curious to hear the range of the new songs. This one is dance pop with a reggae tinge, bringing a light, fun and summery feel for the fall.

Dylan LeBlanc, "Cautionary Tale" - Dylan LeBlanc returns to his Muscle Shoals roots for album number three, teaming up with Single Lock Records (including John Paul White, formerly of The Civil Wars, and Ben Tanner, of Alabama Shakes). They let his songs shine, but hauntingly so. This song is the title track of LeBlanc's January release, and although it has a stripped-down, ghost town feel, the layers it does have are tastefully added and beautifully arranged.


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Every Wednesday at 9:13 am, one of Pittsburgh's finest music writers joins me (Cindy Howes) on the Morning Mix to play a couple favorite new songs and share some insight. Today we welcome Andy Mulkerin of Pittsburgh's City Paper.

In case you missed it here's what he played with commentary by Andy:

Bowerbirds, "In the Yard" - This tune is from the North Carolina Americana group's latest, "The Clearing." I saw this band on tour with The Mountain Goats a few years back and they delivered live; their upcoming show at Mr. Small's is likely to be great.

Santigold, "Disparate Youth" - This is one of the few upbeat, "happy" tunes on Santi's new album, "Master of My Make-Believe." Excited to see her at Stage AE next weekend.

Pujol, "Providence" - Pujol is the Susan Lucci of the 9:13 Buzz; I think I've brought tunes by this band four times and Cindy has always had me play the other tracks I brought, and make Pujol my runner-up. Let the record show, though, that I think Daniel Pujol is one of our most talented young songwriters, and "United States of Being" is my summer 2012 album. [Editor's note- :P]


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