Dead Sara

Every Wednesday at 9:13 am, one of Pittsburgh's finest music writers joins me (Cindy Howes) on the Morning Mix to play a couple favorite new songs and share some insight. Today we welcome Scott Mervis of The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

In case you missed it here's what he played with commentary by Scott:

Dead Sara, "Whispers and Ashes" - Why go to Warped Tour every year? It's fun to crowd surf in a 100-degree parking lot! No, the reason is that you can find a hidden gem on one of the smaller stages. This year, it was Dead Sara, an LA quartet led by front-woman Emily Armstrong, who combines a siren voice with a fierce stage persona. Some of the songs are heavy, like a punk Zeppelin or a grungier Sleater-Kinney. This one sounds a bit more crafted for a more pleasant radio station. For something more ear-damaging, do check out the explosive single "Weatherman"

Karl Hendricks Trio, "The Adult Section" - In the midst of converting Paul's CDs into his own Sound Cat Records, acclaimed indie artist Karl Hendricks found time to record his ninth album, another blast of noisy guitar-rock with his wry lyrical touch. The title track, he says, carries the theme about "the conflict between our desires ... and our responsibilities."


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