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With the Exception of a best of release the band Ride has been on a nearly 14 year hiatus. Fans have decided to reunite in 2015 for  a UK tour as well as limited appearances in Toronto and New York. "We want to give the people what they want" stated front man Mark Gardener, however while there are no official plans for a new LP Gardener also has stated that it is not an impossibility, "That's not to say we Wouldn't make new music". Read More on Ride's return and their tour at NME.

Bob Marley was clear on his stance on Marijuana use and his family has decided that the time is right to launch a consumer cannabis brand under their family name. "Marley Natural" is set to launch next year and include an extensive product line including hand made accessories, cannabis infused lotions and balms as well as various cannabis strains. Marley Natural is to be owned an operated by Seattle based company Privateer Holdings. To learn more about Marley Natural visit Consequence of sound.

Lana Del Ray has new Oscar hopes after contributing two songs to the Tim Burton film "Big Eyes". The songs "I Can Fly" which will be featured in the credits of the film and "Big Eyes" which is to given a spot right in the middle of the film are Del Ray originals and the film executives expect to receive positive reactions at the Academy Awards. Read more on "Big Eyes" and Lana Del Ray at SPIN.


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It comes as no surprise that children love reggae.  The genre's mix of rhythm and blues, jazz and rocksteady with hints of African and Latin American influences is naturally suited to dancing.  And we all know that kids love to dance!

If you're ready to introduce your child to the wonderful world of reggae music, a great song to start with is "Three Little Birds" by Bob Marley & The Wailers.  Originally released in 1977 on their album Exodus, this song has become timeless.  The song is thought to be inspired by birds that would visit Marley's home when he was a child.

This is a fun song to move to and its theme of "every little thing is gonna be alright" is a wonderful message to help calm a young, worried mind.

Listen to Bob Marley & The Wailers "Three Little Birds":




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I would urge that when thinking of the best songs of the 90's for our current poll that you give a nod to the tragically under-appreciated songwriting talents of Brad Nowell and his group Sublime.

I'm not going to vote on this poll because I would simply be copying the tracklist of 40 oz. To Freedom, or that of Sublime.

I realize that for a thousand artists the 90's were a prolific period.  You had your Smashing Pumpkins, your Pearl Jams, your Rage Against the Machines, your Faith No Mores, your REMs, your DMBs, your Black Crowes, your Nirvanas, your Ugly Kid Joes (haha no..... okay, maybe I loved them ), your Flaming Lips, your Portisheads, your Bob Dylans (Time out of Mind), your Eric Claptons ("Tears in Heaven" - hate on that song and we're no longer friends), your Princes (link not entirely related), your White Stripes, and so on all cranking out gems, but looking back, nothing is more "Nineties" to me than Sublime.

I'm sure it has something to do with turning fourteen and all of a sudden hearing a song about a hooker on the radio, but something about their self-titled disc jumped out and grabbed me.  I didn't get into Sublime until after Brad Nowell (lead-singer/songwriter/guitarist) passed away from a heroin overdose.  Their fame, in fact, skyrocketed with the posthumous release of Sublime just two months after the incident.  Hearing "Wrong Way" and "What I Got" naturally led to their back-catalog, two albums that did not disappoint.  Instead they opened up a world of other music to me.  I grew up on classic rock - the Rolling Stones, Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd.  That's all I ever really wanted out of life:  some girls, the hammer of the gods, and to not go batcrap crazy but still have my pudding

From Sublime you get to the Grateful Dead, you get to Bad Brains, you get to Bob Marley.  I cannot stress enough how mind-blowing that synthesis of influences was for me.  That's like traveling in three different directions at once.  And all of it couched in stories of the streets written with a keener eye and quicker rhyme than any of Nowell's contemporaries could offer.  Brad Nowell was a musical genius.  He infused his music with an all-pervading sprituality and generosity of insight.  It's unfortunate that because of his band's skate-punk tendencies they don't get any respect.  You have to look past the fact that he was, at times, a dirtball and a junkie to see that Bradley was a journalist and poet and Southern Californian prophet.  A definite inspiration.

I would recommend that you give a listen to the following tracks before our poll ends:

Don't Push   -  40 oz. to Freedom

Badfish  -  40 oz. to Freedom

40 oz. to Freedom - 40 oz. to Freedom

Pool Shark - Robbin' Da Hood

Greatest Hits - Robbin' Da Hood

STP - Robbin' Da Hood 

Boss D.J. - Robbin' Da Hood

What I Got - Sublime

April 29th, 1992 - Sublime

Under My Voodoo - Sublime

Santeria - Sublime


Pawnshop - Sublime


You will be glad that you did.   You can't leave Sublime out of the 90's equation.


PS - I made a great Sublime mix cd if you're interested in going a little deeper into the band's catalog.

Surgeon General's Warning:  There is some explicit language on all of Sublime's records. 




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