Sustaining Memberships

Become a WYEP Sustaining Member, you never again have to worry about renewing your membership!

Being a WYEP Sustainer means no more renewal letters, checks to mail or credit card expirations to remember. Your WYEP membership automatically renews and you never have to struggle to recall when you last gave or worry if you have lapsed.

Your gift to WYEP will be automatically transferred from your checking, savings or credit card account.  A record of you contribution will appear on your bank or card statement each month.

It's As Easy As 1–2–3

  1. Decide how much you want to contribute to WYEP each month or quarter. Choose the amount that is right for you — as little as $5.

  2. Fill out the downloadable authorization form with your signature to become a WYEP Sustaining Member.  The amount you select will automatically be contributed to WYEP on a monthly or quarterly schedule. 

  3. Sit back and enjoy the music.  Once you're a WYEP Sustaining Member you never again have to worry about renewing your membership!

Download the WYEP Sustaining Member Enrollment form and brochure. (.pdf download)

Questions? Call us directly at 412.888.0404 or e-mail sustainers at wyep dot org.

Thank you for supporting WYEP.

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