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WYEP is an independent public radio station. Our financial health is largely dependent on the community, whether through support from individual memberships or through corporate underwriting from local businesses. WYEP Members, people just like you, provide the largest source of WYEP's operating budget. Become a new member or renew your membership today and be a part of WYEP's future.

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As a commercial free radio station, WYEP depends on our members, underwriting and grants to allow us to bring you the eclectic mix of muic, programs and specialty shows that make you tune to 91.3fm in the first place. In order for us to continune to play a diverse selection of music both on air and streamed live from the web, live performances and interviews from national acts, and events like our local music Final Fridays, we ask you, the listener to help us by pledging your financial support to the station.

As a WYEP Member, you're eligible to attend special Members Only events like concerts, movies and plays and enjoy pre-sale offers on concert tickets. Members at $40/year and higher will receive the Summer in the City Guide and the Year in Review–a look back at the top musical releases as heard on WYEP. 


Thanks to all of the listeners who have stepped forward and become Members of WYEP. When you're a WYEP Member and you're listening to the vibrant mix of music or to one of your favorite specialty programs, you know that you're making it possible. Thank you!

For any questions or to update your Membership, please email members at wyep dot org or call 412.888.0404.