Day Sponsorship Reservation for WESA and WYEP

Station members can choose a Day Sponsorship messages as their thank-you gift at $360 and greater. Your message will be announced three times on the station of your choice over the course of a day of your choice.

After you have made your donation please use this form to reserve a date for your message.


Choose a station that you would like your message to be on.

Refer to the calendar above to see available dates. Dates in red are taken and not available.

Reservations within two weeks of today's date CANNOT be fulfilled. Please choose a date at least two weeks out.

If you choose a date that has been already reserved someone from Membership will contact you to choose a different date. Please select your date below.

Your Message

WESA Messages are pre-recorded and will air at 7:59 am, 11:58 am and 7:59 pm on weekdays; 8:58 am, 11:59 am and 5:59 pm on weekends.

WYEP message are read live and will be read at 9:40 am, 11:40 am and 3:40 pm (all days, allow a 5 minute window for each).

We allow 10 seconds, including the opening “90.5 WESA is supported by... / 91.3 WYEP is supported by …” The remainder of your message should contain no more than 10 - 12 words.

You may use these announcements to honor birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations and other personal celebrations.


91.3 WYEP is supported by Dan Brown in honor of his wife, Sally, on her birthday.

90.5 WESA is supported by Heather and Chris Davis in memory of their mother, Elizabeth Murray-Davis.

91.3 WYEP is supported by Jessica and Ken McClory in celebration of their son Eli on his high school graduation.

90.5 WESA is supported by Gabrielle Smith to congratulate Molly and Rick Smith on their wedding day.

Limited to 350 characters.

In order to be elligible for an on-air sponsorship reservation you must have made a donation in the amount of $360 or greater to WESA or WYEP.

The stations must adhere to all FCC regulations, and we reserve the right to reject any message that does not meet these standards, or the standards the station has set for Day Sponsorship messaging.

  • No commercial, professional, business, organizational, political or institutional content;
  • Nothing that would be considered a call to action;
  • No references to controversial issues;
  • No phone numbers or addresses;
  • No references to products or services;
  • No references to historical events;
  • No references to events other than personal observances;
  • Nothing which would be considered offensive, critical, or in poor taste;
  • WYEP reserves the right to edit or reject any Day Sponsor message for any reason.

We’re happy to help you compose your message or answer any questions about the program.

Thank you for supporting independent public radio in Pittsburgh!

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