Sad Girls Aquatics Club

<p>We’d like to introduce you to Pittsburgh indie rock band Sad Girls Aquatics Club. The primary members, Chelsea Rumbaugh &amp; Marie Mashyna, met while attending Chatham University.</p>
<p>“She was looking for a bass player for her band. I was like “I can do that!” Which [laughs] was kind of a lie; not exactly true. But, she was super patient with me. I didn’t write the songs in that band, but it was great to learn from them and make my own parts. It was the first time I was really creating my own music.”</p>
<p>That’s Marie from the band, who comes with some interesting experience. Formerly Marie was a pretty serious dancer.</p>
<p>“I was more amateur… I wasn’t good enough to be pro [laughs]! But, I love that relationship between movement and music. When you’re dancing and doing the steps you have to be very aware of what you’re doing and how you’re doing it . I got a lot of rhythmic knowledge from that and that helped into playing a percussive bass.”</p>
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<p>Sad Girls Aquatics Club just put out a new release called “Vodkawine.” More info on their bandcamp.</p>