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>>Reimagination II Application<<


A product of WYEP’s teen program Reimagine Media, Reimagination is an album project comprised of local teen musicians. WYEP received over 30 quality submissions of which ten were selected by Reimagine Media’s Student Producers alongside with input from WYEP staff as well as audio professionals.

The selected musicians worked with professional producers to record and produce a song for inclusion on the compilation CD, released by WYEP.  Recording, mixing and mastering the CD took place at The Church Recording Studio. 

Reimagine Media is a teen-led program centered on media creation and discovery. The program is focused on creativity and empowering teens as they become curators for artistic expression, creating community around arts, music, and culture.

Track List:

1. The Swag Monkeys - Dreamland

2. Jessica Bitsura - That Smile

3. Driven Lifeless - I Believe

4. Grace Tandon - Dance

5. Hat Co feat. Zoe Z. - Gold Chains

6. FYFS - Don’t Look Back

7. Prinse Tay - That Money

8. Pachyderm - Out Of My Mind

9. The Options - Sonder

10. William Forrest - Beautiful Ghost

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Reimagine Media is gearing up for a new and exciting year! Stay tuned for announcements.  Contact WYEP's Director of Education and Community Engagement, Matthew Spangler at for more information.  Reimagine Media is open to all high school students in the Southwestern Pennsylvania area.

Reimagine Media: the Blog

Reimagine Media is creating a new entertainment blog made up of reviews, articles, and more, showcasing the perspectives of Southwest Pennsylvania teens.  Our blog is helping students learn excellent writing, blogging and photography skills, build digital capactiy and understand digital rights.  All high school age students are welcome to submit contributions.  If you want to submit a music review, share your take on a local concert or just write about your favorite films or television shows, we encourage you to get creative with us. 

For more information about Reimagine Media or Reimagination, email Matthew Spangler at