Re(imagiNATION): The Sound of Pittsburgh's Future

Check out the future of Pittsburgh's music and arts scene at Re(imagiNATION) on Saturday, May 4 at Schenley Plaza.

Teens from WYEP's Re(imagine) Media, our youth-led media and advocacy program, are organizing the music and arts festival showcasing high school talent. The free concert starts at 4 p.m.



The Options: Shannon Drew, Jake Leya, Matt Bauman and Zack Leya.  

Dustin Carpenter: Dustin Carpenter, Darius Hays, Griffin Epps and Brandon Agguire.

Lawrence White 

The Actions: Neil McGuire, Marty Slovonic, Gavin Carnahan and Luke Padezan.

Basement Party: Billy Simmons, Derek Kalanish, Ethan Gottschall, Jake Krepley, and Cal Tarasi. 



Alisa Pugacheva

Dennis Doyle

Dan Winter

Shelby Huebner

Alicia Mastroianni

Kayla Jade Keefer

Gianna Caparelli

Sarah Trobee

Katherine Mills

Hannah Shoemaker


Music judges: 

Carrie Battle

Brian McLeod

Luqmon Abdus-Salaam

Art judges: 

Diego Byrnes

Pierce Marratto

Jody Shell


Re(imagine) Media brings together high school students interested in media creation to work on the projects they care most about. Students have worked on videos, concert and album reviews and podcasts. Re(imagiNATION) started as a way to give high schoolers a platform to showcase their art and music and to give the Re(imagine) Media students practice with event planning.



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