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I'm On My Way

GG & The Boys are three teens who share a love for creating upbeat feel-good music. While she was growing up, Gabby loved writing poems and recently realized she could turn them into songs.

Guest DJ with new Pittsburgh Community Broadcasting Corporation CEO, Terry O'Reilly

The newly appointed CEO of Pittsburgh Community Broadcasting Corporation (the parent company of WYEP and WESA), Terry O'Reilly plays guest DJ with Rosemary Welsch on July 1, 2016.

Guest DJ: Deutschtown Music Festival

The 4th Annual Deutschtown Music Festival takes place July 8-9 in Pittsburgh's Northside.

No Expansion

Steven Hart was inspired to become a musician after his parents bought him a guitar when he was in the third grade which led to an interest in composing music. He performs fingerstyle original and cover songs, as well as instrumental cover arrangements. 

Give Me Back My Gun

Angela Autumn Cash is ready to take the Pittsburgh folk scene by storm. When she first picked up the guitar at the tender age of 10, she knew music was going to be a big part of her life. She was encouraged to start singing by her guitar teacher and the songwriting soon followed.


Nadia Huber was inspired to be a musician at a young age when her parents encouraged her to play the guitar. She has been writing songs on guitar and ukulele since she was nine and was inspired after listening to Taylor Swift’s acoustic performances. 

Ghost Girl

Mimi O’Malley and HAT Co have a funky, eclectic sound and pride themselves on their unique brand of weirdness. HAT Co is made up of talented instrumentalists who work together to see how the music naturally flows. 


The Funky Fly Project is a young funk and jazz group founded in March 2015, in Pittsburgh, PA. Talented beyond their years, these young musicians use their powerful skills to fuse classic jazz styles with contemporary funk to create a unique, funky sound. 

Baby Blue

The Incandescents excel far beyond their years musically. The band attributes this to the fact that they are passionate about making music together whether it be recording in a studio or just jamming out. 

The Cycle

Hourglass is a blues rock band from Wexford, PA. Lead guitarist Casey Hoel formed the band in 2014. They debuted their first record, Off the Reservation, in the fall of 2015 featuring singer Margot Jezerc, bassist Evan Gick, and drummer Lucas Ross. 

Local 913, Episode 66: Delicious Pastries

After bonding over interests in rare 1960s pop, Jonathan Chamberlain and Jesse Ley got together for a songwriting session and then found themselves forming the experimental rock band Delicious Pastries. 

Mad Libs Guest DJ

Annie Claffey plays and adjective-filled Guest DJ set with Joey Spehar.

Local 913, Episode 65: As Ladders

Although they are relative newcomers to the music scene, As Ladders has already released some very impressive music from their Yarns EP last year to their Maybe True EP released earlier this year.

Guest DJ: Boy & Bear

Jon Hart from Boy & Bear joins Joey Spehar to play Guest DJ on The Saturday Mix.

Lucius Guest DJ on The Morning Mix

Lucius Guest DJ on The Morning Mix. 

WYEP Listener Roundtable: Joni Mitchell's Blue

For the 45th anniversary of Joni Mitchell's groundbreaking album Blue, WYEP held a Listeners' Roundtable to discuss the album, its legacy, and its songs.

Local 913, Episode 64: Lofi Delphi

Back with their second EP, Lofi Delphi has been working on establishing their unique sound. Pianist and vocalist Becki Gallagher talked about the changes the group instilled this time around

Coffeehouse Conversations: Dylan Gardner

On May 12th, 2015, Dylan Gardner opened for Emily Kinney in Pittsburgh. Following the show, Dylan stopped by to chat with Adam Kukic for a Coffeehouse Conversations. Dylan shares some amusing anecdotes, selects some great guest DJ picks, and discusses his debut album ADVENTURES IN REAL TIME.

The Local 913 Live: Ferdinand The Bull

Ferdinand The Bull performs at WYEP's local music happy hour on June 16th, 2016

Coffeehouse Conversations: Johanna Samuels (2016)

Johanna Samuels returns to Coffeehouse Conversations to discuss her new album Home & Dry: Told A Lie. She and Adam Kukic discuss her new release as well as artists that Johanna finds inspirational, including Bill Fay, Wilco, Elliott Smith, Jon Brion, and The Beatles.

Live and Direct with Violent Femmes

Violent Femmes perform at WYEP on June 14th, 2016.

Bob Spehar Advice: Cigars

Bob Spehar (Joey's dad) offers some fatherly advice for Father's Day. 

Bob Spehar Advice: Dope

Bob Spehar (Joey's dad) offers some fatherly advice for Father's Day. 

Bob Spehar Advice: Driving

Bob Spehar (Joey's dad) offers some fatherly advice for Father's Day. 

Bob Spehar Advice: Honesty

Bob Spehar (Joey's dad) offers some fatherly advice for Father's Day. 


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