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Rhett Miller Interview

Rhett Miller of The Old 97s has been working on plenty of new music.  He caught up with Joey Spehar recently on The Morning Mix.

Tamiah Bridgett Zumba Guest DJ

Tamiah Bridgett, Zumba Fitness instructor, shares some songs she plays in her Zumba class with Cindy Howes on The Morning Mix.

Live & Direct with Lucius

Lucius in the WYEP Studios on January, 16th 2014.

20th Anniversary of Harry Nilsson's Death

Everybody’s talkin’ about Harry Nilsson. Especially today. Joey Spehar of The Morning Mix was joined by Grammy-winning record producer and musician Aaron Luis Levinson.

Jesse Novak's Training Playlist

Jesse Novak - host of The Roots & Rhythm Mix on WYEP - is always on the move.  Jesse played Guest DJ on The Morning Mix and selected some great songs for running.

"The Times They Are A-Changin'" Turns 50

Bob Dylan's album "The Times They Are A-Changin'" was released 50 years ago.  Joey Spehar of The Morning Mix talked about the significance of this album with local singer and songwriter Mark Dignam.

Live & Direct with Ha Ha Tonka

Ha Ha Tonka in the WYEP Studios.  Air Date: January 13, 2014.

Jimmy Page Turns 70

Legendary guitarist Jimmy Page recently celebrated his 70th birthday.  Scott Tady from The Beaver County Times joined Joey Spehar on The Morning Mix for an all Jimmy Page Guest DJ set.

Chet Vincent & The Big Bend Release New Album

Chet Vincent & the Big Bend's Chet Vincent & Abe Anderson talk to Cindy Howes on The Morning Mix about their new album, Unconventional Dog.

Hayley Worthman's Yoga Guest DJ set

Hayley Worthman, yoga instructor at BYS, shares a few songs she uses during her classes.

Chef Kevin Sousa Guest DJ

Chef Kevin Sousa plays Guest DJ and talks about his Superior Motors project in Braddock. 

George Gershwin's "Rhapsody In Blue" Turns 90

In honor of "Rhapsody In Blue, George Gershwin's monumental 1924 orchestral piece, turning 90, we talk to local engineer and classial radio host, Don Maue.

WYEP's 2013 Year in Review Show

WYEP’s Year in Review show is a four-hour countdown of the station’s top 50 albums of 2013, including songs from each album and commentary from many of the artists. Hosted by Rosemary Welsch.

WYEP's 2013 Local Year in Review Show

The Local Year In Review is a brief overview of Pittsburgh's best music. From Blues, to soul, to hip-hop and rock, Cindy Howes hosts two hours featuring some of our city’s finest bands including WYEP’s top 5 local releases for 2013. 

2013's Departures

2013's Departures is WYEP's annual show of tributes and rememberances to many from the music world who passed away in 2013.  Hosted by Brian Siewiorek.

WYEP's 2013 Live and Direct Show

A look back at the year in Live & Direct sessions in this 2 hour program.  Listen for WYEP favorites and cool covers performed in our intimate performance space. Featuring performances by They Might Be Giants, The Mavericks, Stars, Suzanne...

Interview With Rich Engler

If you've gone to a concert in Pittsburgh in the last 40 years, chances are the name Rich Engler rings a bell. The former co-owner of DiCesare-Engler Productions recently released "Behind The Stage Door" - a book about his experiences. He joined Joey Spehar on The Morning Mix to talk.

Johnny Angel's Holiday Doo Wop Guest DJ Set

Johnny Angel from Pittsburgh's Johnny Angel & The Halos played a set of Holiday Doo Wop songs for The Morning Mix.

Keith Richards 70th Birthday Tribute

Keith Richards – the iconic guitarist for The Rolling Stones – recently celebrated his 70th birthday.  Joey Spehar of The Morning Mix and Mike Sauter of The Midday Mix discussed the life and work of Keef.

Devon Allman On The Morning Mix

Devon Allman recently spoke with Joey Spehar of The Morning Mix about his forthcoming albums, his plans for Christmas, and his charity work.

Live & Direct with Diego Garcia

Diego Garcia at the WYEP Studios on December 11, 2013

Nick Lowe's New Holiday Album

Joey Spehar interviews Nick Lowe about his new album, Quality Street: A Seasonal Selection for All the Family.

Holiday Hootenanny Guest DJ set from Andy Mulkerin

Cindy Howes and Andy Mulkerin discuss the music lineup for the Holiday Hootenanny.

40th Anniversary of CBGBs

Joey Spehar talks to Randal Miller and Jody Savin about their film CBGB on the 40th anniversary of the club's opening.

Remembering JJ Cale

Joey Spehar interviews Jesse Novak of the Roots and Rhythm Mix about JJ Cale on the anniversary of his death.


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