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Live & Direct with Paul Luc

Paul Luc played Live & Direct on September 18, 2018.

The Local 913 Live: Scratchy Blanket

The local indie rock band Scratchy Blanket performed at WYEP's Local 913 Live on September 13, 2018.

The Local 913: Treble NLS

Treble NLS got his moniker in kind of a round-about way. The rapper first started out under the name “Trouble." More on this week's Local 913, our local music spotlight. 

Live & Direct with Dawes

Dawes performed Live & Direct ay WYEP on September 12, 2018.

Grand Groove Radio Tribute to Mac Miller

Selecta pays tribute to PIttsburgh's Mac Miller who died September 7, 2018 at the age of 26.

The Local 913: Gregg Welty

Gregg Welty is an award winning banjo player who, at first, did not like the banjo. Learn more on this week's Local 913, our local music spotlight. 

Live & Direct with Saintseneca

Saintseneca performed Live & Direct on September 4, 2018

Local 913: Metacara

This week on The Local 913, check out the music of Metacara. The electronic duo, made up of Kyla Rae and Vince Nania, met at the University of Pittsburgh. Click to hear more on our local music spotlight! 

The Local 913: The Living Street

The Living Street are made up of two very long time friends from Lower Burrell, PA. Find out more on The Local 913, WYEP's weekly local music spotlight. 

Live and Direct with Wolf Parade

The indie rock band Wolf Parade played Live & Direct on August 21, 2018.

The Local 913: Brittney Chantele

Brittney Chantele is a Pittsburgh rapper who is very involved in local activism. Check her out on this week's Local 913, WYEP's weekly local music spotlight.

The Local 913 Live: Guy Russo

Guy Russo performed at WYEP's Local 913 Live, our monthly local music happy hour, to a full house on Thursday August 16, 2018.

The Local 913: Balloon Ride Fantasy

Electro-pop band Balloon Ride Fantasy’s sound has shifted over the years from a very tight indie rock outfit, to fantastically layered synth. Listen to The Local 913, WYEP's weekly local music spotlight and learn more!

The Local 913: Bikini Islands

Despite Bikini Islands' sunny name and surf-rock disposition, the band's name came from an ominous source. Listen to them on this week's Local 913, our weekly local music spotlight.

The Local 913: Jimmy Bucek

Pittsburgh MC Jimmy Bucek has a very interesting vocal delivery. Matched with his unusual lower register, he sounds more like he’s reciting poetry than rapping. More on The Local 913, WYEP's weekly local music spotlight.

Beer Guest DJ

Brewer Jake Bier from the War Streets Brewery joins Joey Spehar to drink some beers and talk about the music that inspired their creation.

Live & Direct with Amanda Shires

Amanda Shires performs Live & Direct on WYEP. Recorded July 24, 2018.

Live and Direct with Julien Baker

Julien Baker performe with violinist Camille Faulkner at WYEP on July 23, 2018.

Set List: 

- Funeral Pyre

- Televangelist

- Shadow Boxing

- Turn Out the Lights


The Local 913 Live: Rachel Lynne

Rachel Lynne performs at WYEP's local music happy hour on July 19, 2018.

Live & Direct with The Lone Bellow

The Lone Bellow performed Live & Direct at WYEP on July 13, 2018. 

The Local 913 Ferdinand The Bull

"We don’t have to plug in or anything. Everything’s really visceral and real." - Meet the Pittsburgh folk band Ferdinand The Bull in this week's Local 913. 

The Local 913: Scratchy Blanket

Scratchy Blanket is an indie rock band where cats play a big role: "I think the first time you hear the songs about the cats, they could be about cats, but you could apply it to people, too." Meow meow meow on The Local 913

The Local 913: BB Guns

BB GUNS is a hip-hop/rock duo: “The relationships that rock & hip-hop have are not always known as critically the best things... We wanted to do it in more critical, indie way." More on The Local 913, WYEP's weekly local music spotlight.

The Local 913: The Local

The beginning of The Local, a Pittsburgh band, actually has roots in Belfast Northern Ireland. Check out The Local 913, WYEP's weekly local music spotlight, for more!

Live & Direct with The Clarks

The Clarks played a Special Hour Long Live & Direct Session June 27, 2018.