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Local 913 Live: Grand Bell

Indie-pop group, Grand Bell performs at WYEP's local music happy hour on June 18, 2015.

Live & Direct with Heartless Bastards

The Heartless Bastards live at WYEP on June 18th, 2015.

FUSE Creative Director Steve Hackman talks Brahms v. Radiohead on the Morning Mix

Next Wednesday, the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra will make new musical connections by performing a live mash-up of Johannes Brahms Symphony No. 1 with Radiohead's OK Computer as part of the Orchestra's FUSE series. FUSE's Creative Director Steve Hackman joins the Morning Mix...

An interview with Talking Heads drummer Chris Frantz

WYEP's Brian Siewiorek talks with Talking Heads drummer, Chris Frantz, about his days growing up in Pittsburgh, how the Talking Heads first got together, and their first concert in 1975 opening for The Ramones at CBGB's.

Guest DJ: Brother Mike Cohen on Father's Day

A guest DJ set tied in with Father's Day by New York City stay-at-home dad and rock & roll fanatic Brother Mike Cohen (he has seen Bob Dylan in concert over 175 times).

Coffeehouse Conversations: Conor O'Brien of Villagers

Adam Kukic welcomes Conor O'Brien (of the band Villagers) as Guest DJ for Coffeehouse Conversations. Join us as we discuss the new Villagers' album Darling Arithmetic as well as Conor's guest DJ picks from OP8, Wilco, Mark Kozelek & Jimmy LaVelle, and Bob Lind. 

Local 913, Episode 11 - Grand Bell

Grand Bell: "Mess of My Life"

Live & Direct with Richard Thompson

Richard Thompson in the WYEP Studios on June 12th, 2015

Live & Direct with Rhiannon Giddens

Rhiannon Giddens and band in the WYEP Studios on June 11th, 2015

Interview: Todd Sheaffer of Railroad Earth

Morning Mix host Joey Spehar has a chat with Todd Sheaffer, vocalist and guitarist of the roots band Railroad Earth.  Sheaffer discusses the band's latest album, Last of the Outlaws, as well as working with Warren Haynes on the upcoming Ashes & Dust release.

Bjork's Post Turns 20

Bjork's Post turns 20 years old on June 13, 2015. Tamar Kamin and Scott Taylor of The Van Allen Belt discuss the landmark album with Cindy Howes on The Morning Mix. 

Live and Direct with Alvvays

Alvvays performs in the WYEP studios on June 8th, 2015.

Coffeehouse Conversations: Catherine Popper

Adam Kukic welcomes Catherine Popper, of Puss N Boots, to serve as guest DJ for Coffeehouse Conversations. We talk about Puss N Boots and her bandmates Norah Jones & Sasha Dobson, as well as conversation & music from Levon Helm, Willie Nelson, Brian Fallon & many more.

Local 913, Episode 10: Mad Rapture

Check out a profile of Pittsburgh duo, Mad Rapture on the Local 9-1-3.

Live & Direct with Father John Misty

Father John Misty live in the WYEP Studios on June 6th, 2015.

Jenny Lewis interview

Jenny Lewis talks with Rosemary Welsch at the Three Rivers Arts Festival on June 5, 2015.

Guest DJ: Veronica Corpuz of the Three Rivers Arts Festival

Veronica Corpuz of the Three Rivers Arts Festival drops by the Morning Mix to give listeners a taste of some of the artists they'll be hearing at the event.  The Three Rivers Arts Festival runs June 5th through June 14th - more information can be found...

Morning Mix: Folk Rock Discussion

Roughly 50 years ago, the term "folk rock" was coined as a genre.  To celebrate the anniversary, WYEP Program Director Mike Sauter drops by the Morning Mix to talk a bit about the genre of "folk rock", its origins, and its evolution over the years.

Guest DJ: Matthew Spangler of ReImagination

Matthew Spangler from WYEP's Education Department played songs from the 2015 ReImagination CD with Joey Spehar on The Morning Mix.

Coffeehouse Conversations: Jolie Holland

Adam Kukic welcomes Jolie Holland to serve as guest DJ for Coffeehouse Conversations. We discuss her latest album Wine Dark Sea, as well as an eclectic collection of songs including songs by Joe Tex, Charlotte Dada, Michael Hurley, and Daniel Johnston. 

Local 913, Episode 9 - City Dwelling Nature Seekers

This week, we’re highlighting the alt-indie-rock-bluegrass group, City Dwelling Nature Seekers. 

WYEP's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame "snubs" show.

Rosemary Welsch & Brian Siewiorek discuss some of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame's biggest snubs.  Originally arired: 5/29/15 

John Fogerty's 70th Birthday

To celebrate John Fogerty's 70th birthday, James Hart of The Harlan Twins talks to Cindy Howes about a couple of his favorite Creedence Clearwater Revival songs on The Morning Mix. 

Grand Piano Release "Sea" EP

Joey Spehar spoke with Thomas Cipollone and Wes Conroy from Grand Piano about their underwater-themed "Sea" EP. 

Coffeehouse Conversations: Halli Anderson of River Whyless

Adam Kukic welcomes Halli Anderson, of River Whyless, to serve as guest DJ for Coffeehouse Conversations. We discuss the history of River Whyless and their latest self-titled EP, as well as Halli's guest DJ picks including Gillian Welch, Karen Dalton, Floating Action & Radiohead. 



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