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Margaret Glaspy in the WYEP Studios on May 21st, 2016. 

Set List: 

- Emotions and Math

- Love Like This

- Situation

- Somebody to Anybody

Original air date: May 26th, 2016.


James Brown and his 16-piece band did a week-long stint at Harlem's Apollo Theater late in 1962. This live recording was financed completely by Brown, and he went against his record label's wishes to make it in the first place. The album has been called one of the greatest live albums ever recorded, and was on the album charts for close to a year and a half.

Local 913 Live

Coming from a musical family, Jared Gulden left his home in Dormont to study audio engineering in Chicago:

“I started really doing heavy rock and roll. Then I went to school in Chicago and there was a big electronic music scene there. A lot of my friends were starting to produce stuff in their bedrooms. I was curious and gave it a shot. Now it’s sort of morphed into this electronic music with a full band rather than just one producer.”

The full band he’s referring to is Emerson Jay, the group he formed after he came back from college. The lineup features Gulden, Brendan Bates, Dan Evans and Pat Donovan:

“It’s kind of a solo project. I write and record all the music myself. Then I’ll bring it to the guys when we get together in practice. We’ll put our own twist on it for the live performance.”

Of his stage name, Emerson Jay, Gulden says it came from two different sources:

“Well, it was originally just a name that I made my Soundcloud. I kinda got the name from my favorite writer, Ralph Waldo Emerson. Then, my friends call me Jay, short for Jared. I just combined the two.”


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Coffeehouse Conversations


Start: Leyla McCalla - "A Day for the Hunter, A Day for the Prey" - A DAY FOR THE HUNTER, A DAY FOR THE PREY

3:15- Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Adam Kukic & Leyla McCalla - on Leyla's new album and childhood memories of Stevie Wonder

7:56 - Stevie Wonder - "As" - SONGS IN THE KEY OF LIFE

15:06 - Smashing Pumpkins - "Stumbleine" - MELLON COLLIE AND THE INFINITE SADNESS

17:49 - Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Adam Kukic & Leyla McCalla - on Smashing Pumpkins and Amy Winehouse

20:36 - Amy Winehouse - "Love Is A Losing Game" - BACK TO BLACK

23:06 - Leyla McCalla - "Little Sparrow" - A DAY FOR THE HUNTER, A DAY FOR THE PREY

26:09 - Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Adam Kukic & Leyla McCalla - on Ella Jenkins, Langston Hughes, and Leyla's new album.

33:20 - Leyla McCalla - "Far from Your Web" - A DAY FOR THE HUNTER, A DAY FOR THE PREY

Archived Coffeehouse Conversations available at: