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Examples of artists whose music has been used without permission or consent.

Songs about Marching


bands, duos, etc that are stagnant or split that you'd like to see reunite

songs about predictions, forecast, etc.

Acts that were overly hyped before they released a full album.

drummers who also sing

Etta James songs

Genre-crossing musical collaborations

Songs about getting clean and sober

songs that best reflect the life and work of Martin Luther King, Jr.

songs about revelations and epiphanies

Songs that deal with setting things on fire.

Michael Stipe collabs & covers

Alternative Christmas Songs

Schmaltzy Christmas songs

Winter songs

Songs about lights

Original versions of big hit songs that are covers

Hand claps

Favorite songs from albums that John Lennon performed on

Tom Waits covers

Favorites for 2012 Grammys

songs about November

songs about or that mention scientists