Below are the 5 key tracks that you need to know from Tegan & Sara.





"Sprung from cages on highway ____, chrome-wheeled, fuel-injected, and steppin' out over the line..."


<p>Dinosoul is not your typical band. The spiritually charged indie rock group actually has a mission statement they recite at every live show.</p>
<p>“I’m always big on intentions. Whenever I start something, I think it’s very important to see what your vision or your mission is because it brings you back to why you started it. It’s so easy to get off track and have people come into your life that [will] try to take over. If you don’t stick with what you sought out to do, it’s not going to work. I mean, sometimes it does work, but it’s really hard.”</p>

<p>Mike Meiers, front man for Jackson River, found early musical inspiration from a Pittsburgh legend. <br /><br />"I was watching Mr. Rogers and I was really like “I NEED to do that.” It seemed like it was one thing I could do. Sports was never really a thing. I knew I couldn’t do that or had no interest. I started doing piano and before I knew it, music was something I felt like I could do. That started to define the thing that I could do and that I really enjoyed.”</p>

<p>“It’s not depressing, I promise you, it’s not depressing. It’s just, you know, things happen and I smile at the end of it because you live through 100% of your worst days. So, here I am.”</p>
<p>Pittsburgh rapper Benji., whose new album <i>Smile You’re Alive</i> marks his transition from his previous moniker Courtesy. After thinking it over for a long time, the artist decided to change his stage name to reflect something more personal.</p>

<p>The Americana Rock band As Ladders is fronted by Mike Berginc, who originally was drawn to songwriting when he was in high school.</p>
<p>“[I] just kind of developed my musings or my poetic tendencies into lyrics; I started with having a guitar around. [I had] a good appreciation for literature and mostly poetry starting out. [I] kind of developed that into a skill and started to write songs.”</p>

<p>Raised outside of Atlanta, Georgia, singer-songwriter <b>Rachel Lynne</b> can never remember a time where she wasn’t creating music and writing songs.</p>

<p>The folk group Buffalo Rose calls their style of music “folk and soul-grass,” folk for the tradition the continue with their harmonies and soul-grass from their backgrounds</p>
<p>“We have three singers and all of us grew up singing in choirs. I think part of that choir-sensibility and the church choir sensibility that’s where the “soul” part comes from; A group of voices singing together in harmony. The “grass” comes from the country side. I mean, we have a slide guitar player…”</p>