<p><span>The Living Street are made up of two very long time friends from Lower Burrell, PA, where they found a supportive music scene. <br /> <br /> “There was a music scene. It was actually Natrona Heights, a place called Roundhouse, Roundhouse Pizza. Lots of local bands played there. We had to work our way in because I didn’t know anyone that played in the music scene. Finally I made friends with a kid that played there and he got us a show there.

<p><strong>Brittney Chantele</strong> is a Pittsburgh rapper who is very involved in local activism. Her activism is informed by a college degree she earned when she once thought she would become a police officer.</p>

<p>Electro-pop band <strong>Balloon Ride Fantasy</strong>’s sound has shifted over the years from a very tight indie rock outfit, to fantastically layered synth.<br /><br />“I felt like a lot of bands were doing the super-indie thing and it kind of got saturated. I was like “We should switch over to some synths; get some really hardcore cool synths and electric drums.” We tried to add a lot of harmonies. As we’ve progressed as a band, it’s more layers and more stuff,” says Chris Olszewski front man for the band.

Sometimes we catch a glimpse or 100 inside a musician's personal life and sometimes that includes getting to know their furry friends.

<p>The indie rock band <b>Bikini Islands</b> is fronted by Kyle Wacker, who, despite his band’s sunny name and surf-rock disposition, got the name from an ominous source.</p>
<p>“I can up with the Bikini Islands name from this Gang of Four song called “I Found This Essence Rare.” And it’s about the H bomb because they did all the nuclear testing on Bikini Atoll.”</p>
<p>Wacker’s approach to Bikini Islands was not so simple, at first.</p>

Andy Warhol would have celebrated his 90th birthday this week, the pop artist made an impact on music by helping introdu

<p>Pittsburgh MC <strong>Jimmy Bucek</strong> has a very interesting vocal delivery. Matched with his unusual lower register, he sounds more like he’s reciting poetry than rapping. He claims he used to go a lot faster, but that progressed as he worked out his style. <br /><br />“I needed to slow down a bit. I got real into pauses, like where to take correct pauses. My friend Garrett started talking to me about the swing and to not leave everything on the one. Trying to be very precise with cadence and making it snap right before the snare and the one.