Pre-drive promotions for WYEP Fall Drive 2018

Saturday, Sept 8th 

Final round 

12 contestants

starts at 6pm

Pittsburgh band Punchline will be playing WYEP's Final Friday Concert this Friday.

<p><span>The Living Street are made up of two very long time friends from Lower Burrell, PA, where they found a supportive music scene. <br /> <br /> “There was a music scene. It was actually Natrona Heights, a place called Roundhouse, Roundhouse Pizza. Lots of local bands played there. We had to work our way in because I didn’t know anyone that played in the music scene. Finally I made friends with a kid that played there and he got us a show there.

<p><strong>Brittney Chantele</strong> is a Pittsburgh rapper who is very involved in local activism. Her activism is informed by a college degree she earned when she once thought she would become a police officer.</p>

<p>Electro-pop band <strong>Balloon Ride Fantasy</strong>’s sound has shifted over the years from a very tight indie rock outfit, to fantastically layered synth.<br /><br />“I felt like a lot of bands were doing the super-indie thing and it kind of got saturated. I was like “We should switch over to some synths; get some really hardcore cool synths and electric drums.” We tried to add a lot of harmonies. As we’ve progressed as a band, it’s more layers and more stuff,” says Chris Olszewski front man for the band.