<p>Caleb Pogyor, front man for the indie rock back Talkers, has been thinking about ego quite a bit lately. His clarity for understanding the usefulness of the ego in songwriting is impressive.</p>

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WYEP has been on the search for your most hilarious, embarrassing and downright weird mondegreens (misheard lyrics).

<p>Rapper <strong>Nardo Says</strong>, a Virginia native who moved to Pittsburgh a in recent years, has always been a curious and creative person. This is evident in his first experience with a rap tape.</p>

<p>Pittsburgh’s <strong>Dan Getkin</strong> cites Ryan Adams as his entry to the alt-country genre.</p>
<p>“When Cold Roses came out! One of my best friends in college was a big Ryan Adams fan and he showed me some stuff. Then Cold Roses came out, and he’s all over the genre- every album sounds different. That was the one that had it dialed in perfectly, I mean every track! “Blossom” was the first dance at my wedding, so yeah, it’s everywhere.”</p>

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focus on creating a Digital Dashboard, working with analytics and creating business intelligence, surfacing actionable insights etc

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<p>The indie rock band <strong>Mariage Blanc</strong>, at this point are veterans of the Pittsburgh rock scene. The band was inspired by the songwriting chemistry between frontmen Josh Kretzmer and Matt Ceraso.<br /><br />“We write very well together and don’t have a lot of conflicts, which a lot of times in songwriting partnerships, people struggle with that kind of stuff. We’re always on the same page about things and it just happens to be an easy, natural thing for us to do.

<p>Singer songwriter <strong>Alan Getto</strong> began playing music as a teenager to keep up with some friends who were getting together to jam one summer. He started on harmonica and eventually switched to guitar because he knew he wanted to write his own songs.</p>