<p><strong>Sleeping Witch and Saturn</strong> is a relatively new indie rock band in Pittsburgh. Leader Matt Vituccio started writing when he was pretty young.</p>

<p>We’d like to introduce you to Pittsburgh indie rock band Sad Girls Aquatics Club. The primary members, Chelsea Rumbaugh &amp; Marie Mashyna, met while attending Chatham University.</p>
<p>“She was looking for a bass player for her band. I was like “I can do that!” Which [laughs] was kind of a lie; not exactly true. But, she was super patient with me. I didn’t write the songs in that band, but it was great to learn from them and make my own parts. It was the first time I was really creating my own music.”</p>

Singer-songwriter Jeff Buckley would have turned 52 on November 17, 2018. He tragically died at the age of 30 in 1997, drowning in Wolf Harbor on the Mississippi River in Memphis, TN. 

<p>Pittsburgh indie/emo band Today is the Best Day Ever’s song topics include experience with depression, poverty and health issues. Nick Cotter, front man for the band says they approach writing as a therapeutic exercise.</p>

It’s hard to describe the music of Grand Piano.

Is it punk rock?
Probably not. Too many horns.

<p>Zach Rock, frontman for the Pittsburgh folk rock group <strong>Nameless in August</strong>, has always been around music. In fact, he owns a very cherished musical family heirloom</p>
<p>“There’s a guitar in my family. It’s Awesome! It’s a 1938 Gibson F-hole. It’s beat at this point in life. But, John Rock has playing it, Joe Rock has played it, Jean Rock has played this guitar, Zach Rock has played it and my daughter, Brooklynn Rock, has played this guitar. Five generations have played this one Gibson guitar.”</p>


In the aftermath of Saturday's shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue, here are some community and online resources you might be able to use:


<p>Pittsburgh’s Garter Shake brings to mind power feminist voices of rock music’s past presented for a modern world. The band features 3 vocalists, including guitars Jenn Jannon-Fisher. Well… kind of.</p>
<p>“I’m more of a screamer [laughs]… In Garter Shake, Becki  is the main vocalist and is the front person. Maura, our bassist is this beautiful harmonizer and back up vocalist. Then I come in with this screaming that my bandmates call “chatty bratty” vocal style [laughs], so that’s what I bring.”</p>