Inside Passage

Quantum Theatre presents Inside Passage, the world premiere of Pittsburgh playwright Gab Cody’s very personal play, directed by Sam Turich and featuring film collaboration and lighting by Rob Long. 

Based on playwright Gab's Cody’s true experiences, Inside Passage meshes Gab’s patchy memories of her early childhood in Alaska spent with her parents, step-siblings, and Tlingit foster-siblings with family lore and her true quest for reunification 35 years later. An ensemble of six performers play a multitude of characters, exploring Gab’s return to Alaska in search of siblings who may not wish to be found. Innovatively combining live performance and documentary film footage shot both in Pittsburgh and on-location in Alaska, Inside Passage is intimate, heartfelt, and funny.

Special Performances:

Pay What You Can Night February 28th

Opening Night: March 2nd
Post Show Q&A:  March 4th
Ladies Night: March 7th
Quantum Quaff: March 8th
Quantum on the Couch: March 17th