Coffeehouse Conversations: William Matheny


Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Adam Kukic & William Matheny

Photo by Josh Saul

Start: Coffeehouse Conversation - on William's career-to-date

3:59: William Matheny - "Living Half to Death" - STRANGE CONSTELLATIONS

5:03: John Prine - "Far From Me" - JOHN PRINE

6:18: Coffeehouse Conversation- on John Prine & Elvis Costello

9:27: Elvis Costello - "Accidents Will Happen" - ARMED FORCES

10:05: Coffeehouse Conversation - on Jason Molina

12:34: Songs: Ohia - "Just Be Simple" - MAGNOLIA ELECTRIC CO.

14:34: Coffeehouse Conversation - on William's new album

17:24: William Matheny - "Blood Moon Singer" - STRANGE CONSTELLATIONS

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