Coffeehouse Conversations: Daniel Shearin (of River Whyless)


WYEP Coffeehouse Conversations w/ Adam Kukic & Daniel Shearin (River Whyless)

Start: River Whyless - "Kalangala" - WE ALL THE LIGHT

1:24 - Coffeehouse Conversations - on "Kalangala", the history of River Whyless, and a song that takes Daniel back to his childhood.

6:33 - Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - "Teach Your Children" - Déjà Vu

7:49 - Nick Drake - "Pink Moon" - PINK MOON

8:52 - Coffeehouse Conversations - on a memory associated w/ "Pink Moon" & an artist that Daniel finds inspiring [w/ a sampling of RW's "All Day All Night"]

11:45 - Paul Simon - "Graceland"

12:07 - Coffeehouse Conversations - on recording RW's new album WE ALL THE LIGHT and working w/ Justin Ringle (Horse Feathers) + the meaning behind "Sailing Away"

14:44 - River Whyless - "Sailing Away" - WE ALL THE LIGHT

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