Key Tracks: Ben Harper

Key Tracks is a feature that airs weekdays at 1pm on WYEP's Midday Mix. Five quality songs from the library of the artist of the week. The week of February 29th to March 4th focuses on the varied career and sounds of Ben Harper. Ben Harper developed a large following after the release of his debut album Welcome To The Cruel World in 1994. His music combines elements of rock, soul, funk, folk, reggae, and blues. Harper has released a dozen albums, and is getting set to release his 13th studio effort later this Spring. Monday's Key Track 'Fly One Time' Tuesday's Key Track 'With My Own Two Hands' Thursday's Key Track 'Steal My Kisses' Friday's Key Track 'Burn To Shine' Listen up weekdays at 1pm for Key Tracks on WYEP. A different artist is featured each week.