Justin Jacobs Travel Guest DJ Set

TRAVEL   Justin Jacobs, music writer for Relix, Paste and Billboard and contributor to WYEP's The 9:13 Buzz, recently returned home to Tel Aviv after a 7 month journey to India. Naturally, that trip included a lot of listening to music, so Justin very kindly put together a Travel Guest DJ set. Listen to his selections and learn more about them below. Yemen Blues, Um Min al Yaman - This is a favorite band of mine from Tel Aviv - and when I realized they were touring India while I was backpacking, I had to catch them on the road. I ended up seeing the band tear up the stage at a very formal Indian classical music festival that took place inside a 500-year-old fort on top of a mountain. Epic doesn't begin to describe it. Vampire Weekend, Hannah Hunt - This was probably the album I listened to the most during my trip. Not only is it an album that my girlfriend and I can agree on all the time, but it's also packed with songs about youth, adventure and love. "You and me, we got our own sense of time." That's pretty much the motto when you're backpacking through India. Asaf Avidan, Reckoning Song (One Day) - Another Israeli favorite of mine, I found myself singing this song all the time while traveling. The message is perfect: "One day, baby, we'll be old and think of all the stories that we could've told." Basically, don't waste your time, because before you know it you'll be 75.

Justin Jacobs Travel Guest DJ by Cindy Howes on Mixcloud