News From the World of Classic Rock, Including The Led Zeppelin Reunion That Never Will Be And The Dylan, Beatles, Stones Album That Never Was

Virgin owner Richard Branson offered the remaining members of Led Zeppelin a sum of cash around $800 million to tour 35 dates across three major cities. according to reports most of the group were ready to sign with the exception of Robert Plant. Plant reportedly ripped up his contract in front of tour promoters, and the entire project has been cancelled. More can be read on Robert Plant and the now defunct Zeppelin reunion at Ultimate Classic Rock.

In other Led Zeppelin news the mystery behind the title of Houses of the Holy has been addressed in an interview with Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page. Page explains that the reason that Houses of the Holy  was not simply Led Zeppelin V like the preceding albums had been I, II, IV was that he at the time did not want the title to read as Led Zeppelin Victory Sign. Popular theory has suggested that the title had occultist origins or even simply signaled a change in musical style but says this was never the case. You can find more on this interview with Page at Consequence of Sound.

Rick Rosas a bassist for Neil Young has died at the age of 65. Rosas has performed over the years with artists like Crosby Stills and Nash, Rom Wood, Buffalo Springfield and Jerry Lee Lewis. The cause of death is at this time unknown. Read more on the Rosas's legacy at Ultimate Classic Rock.

Murder for hire charges against AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd have been dropped in New Zealand. Rudd was recently accused by New Zealand police of arranging a hit man to execute two killings. Prosecutes have since taken over the case and the murder charges have been dropped. Rudd still faces serious charges including possession of Marijuana. AC/DC has gone on record as saying that Rudds arrest and legal issues will not affect the bands upcoming tour. More on Rudd's arrest and AC/DC's tour can be found at ABC.

According to a new book by Glyn Johns there was once the possibility of Bob Dylan uniting The Beatles and The Rolling Stones for an album. Johns says that Dylan approached him in the '60s with the idea and charged him with finding out if the bands would be interested. Johns said that while he and some members of both bands were interested there were two many hold outs including Paul McCartney and Mick Jagger. Read more on this story and more at Consequence of Sound.