Krist Novoselic Makes Appearance For Nirvana Mural In Aberdeen WA

Kris Novoselic is joined by Nirvana drummer Aaron Burckhard

Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic made a rare public appearance in Aberdeen on Saturday, September 20th to attend a dedication for a new mural in Nirvana's honor. The Mural is placed on the side of Moore's Interior a local business in the home town of Kurt Cobain and a starting point for Nirvana.  The mural draws artistic inspiration not only from Nirvana itself, but also various artists that were favorites of the band and other quintessential 90's rock bands that shared the scene with Nirvana. Novoselic remarks on what drew him to the dedication, "What sold me on the mural is it's not just a Nirvana mural, there's a community there...when we started playing in Aberdeen and we started playing in the northwest, there was an infrastructure; we had support. there was a a music community". The dedication featured various artists covering classic Nirvana songs and also coincides with the anniversary of Nirvana album Nevermind which turned 23 on the 24th of September.

Read more on this story at Seattle Times and the dedication of the Nirvana mural can be viewed below.