Pulp Karaoke Contest To Be Judged by Jarvis Cocker in New York

Lead singer, Jarvis Cocker, of the Sheffield britpop band Pulp will now judge a karaoke contest. Contestants will be able to take the position of Cocker and sing their favorite Pulp songs for a chance to be recognized, or ridiculed, by presiding judge Jarvis Cocker. The contest will be held at the Industry City venue in Brooklyn, NY. Willing contestants can enter by tweeting at the event organizers with the hashtag #singforjarvis, but they ask you make your plea interesting and don't just ask to sing "Common People," unless you can really deliver. They encourage creativity through drawings, videos; get as weird as you can, they say. Deadline for entry is August 4, and, yes, you must be able to attend the show August 7 to be considered. The competition will follow a special screening of Pulp's new film Pulp: A Film About Life, Death, and Supermarkets as well as a Q+A with Cocker and the film's director, Florian Habicht. Willing contestants can select from any of the following Pulp songs to perform. 'All Time High' 'Babies' 'Common People' 'Disco 2000' 'Do You Remember The First Time' 'Help The Aged' 'Mile End' 'Monday Morning' 'Sorted For E's and Wizz' 'This is Hardcore' Jarvis-Cocker-005