Björk Exhibition Coming to Museum of Modern Art in 2015

The Icelandic pop-star Björk has made an impact as not only having great music, but integrating it with art, making for the unique visually exciting things she does. Now the singer is getting some recognition from the Museum of Modern Art in New York that will hold a full scale exhibition in March 2015 featuring Björk's many visual and musical works. 001372a9ae2709430c230b If you didn't know Björk as much of a writer, you will also get a taste of that as the exhibit will also be presented with a biographical and fictitious piece co-written by Björk and Icelandic writer Sjón Sigurdsson. Björk's music videos, album art and live performances are a sight to behold, and as if all this wasn't enough for fans, the singer will also release a new, immersive music and film commission that Björk made with director Andrew Huang (Atoms for Peace's "Before Your Very Eyes," Björk's "Mutual Core") and 3-D design company Autodesk. Check out the music video for Björk's song "Human Behaviour" from her first album Debut