Peter Gabriel and classic Genesis members to reunite for BBC documentary

It's been almost forty years since Peter Gabriel quit Genesis and while the chances of him and the rest of the band reuniting anytime soon are pretty slim, there is reason to rejoice for a different kind of upcoming Genesis reunion. Gabirel's team confirmed today that the band's prog-rock era lineup (Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, Tony Banks, Steve Hackett and Mike Rutherford) would begin work on a feature length BBC documentary Genesis: Together and Apart. No official air date has been confirmed. The documentary will outline the band's history, it's evolution of sound, and the band's radio-friendly commercial success in the Eighties following Gabriel's departure from the band. No official word on if any of this will lead to any touring, long awaited by fans, but this is the closest thing to a reunion that's been seen from the band in many years, so who knows what might happen.