Visconti Reveals Bowie Has Astounding Left Over Songs

Last year David Bowie surprised many fans with the release of his album The Next Day, his first studio record in almost a decade. This past weekend at the Music Producer's Guild Awards in London, Bowie won the Innovation Award for The Next Day  where his producer Tony Visconti picked up the award and talked about Bowie's unreleased tracks. Visconti claimed that while many critics were skeptic on the rest of Bowie's career in the music industry and talked of his retirement, he was writing amazing songs. Visconti claims a few songs written for the album that were not released are astounding and may be released some day. Bowie is also nominated for two 2014 BRIT awards for Best Male and Best Album which will take place next week. Check out his video for "Where Are We Now?" off of the most recent album.