New EP and Fan Club for The Hold Steady

If you're a fan of The Hold Steady, you may already be aware of the Unified Scene, the unofficially official The Hold Steady fan club. Well, last year, the unofficial leader of this unofficial club passed away, and to honor his passing, The Hold Steady is crowdfunding a new EP! In order to donate, you must join their new and improved, more official version of the Unified Scene. The new Unified Scene will have all kinds of neat perks for joining. News and insider information about The Hold Steady as it happens, exclusive content and music, and tickets on sale in advance. The first act of the new Unified Scene will be that all donors get the new exclusive 12" EP, available only to members. Pledging gets other unique gifts also, including handwritten lyrics, t-shirts, and more. If you think you'd like to contribute to the project, you can do so at If you've never listened to The Hold Steady, or you've already heard their stuff, the vaguely Anchorman-esque music video for "Chips Ahoy" is posted just below to inspire your fandom. Check it out, and make this EP happen!