Cool Kids: Steve Earle - Satellite Radio

Today's Cool Kids song is meant to brainwash you and your kids! Just kidding, kind of. "Satellite Radio" is a song by Steve Earle that compels you to listen to radio, specifically of the satellite variety. We at WYEP of course would like you to keep it locked on our frequency of course, 91.3, to enjoy a more traditional approach to broadcasting. A lyric from the "Satellite Radio" go thusly: "Is there anybody out there? One-two-three on the satellite radio? Big daddy on the air, are you listenin' to me? On the satellite radio At the galaxy's end where the stars burn bright, are you tunin' in and turnin' on? Is there anybody listenin' to earth tonight on the satellite radio?" We'd love to ask if anyone is listening like Steve Earle, but shouting "I'm listening!" at your radio probably won't get your message across. Instead, prove to us that you listen by coming to some of our community events, like this month's Third Thursday event featuring the Red Western for example. In the meantime, check out Steve Earle below!