Cool Kids: The Lumineers - Ho Hey

For today's Cool Kids segment, we bring to you a special guest! Tim Wilson of Ivan and Alyosha has a son named Henry that loves music. According to Tim, Henry does a sweet cover of the ABCs. Henry will pick up an guitar and yell each letter of the alphabet in what Tim calls a punk version of the song. Another song Henry likes is the Lumineers' "Ho Hey". "Probably when Henry was two, and the Lumineers' "Ho Hey" was going bonkers, he would sing that song on his own and on pitch, and nail it," Tim says. "The fact that Henry could pretty easily pick it up and sing it is a testament to how huge that song has gotten because it's so catchy. It's so simple, but it's so beautiful, and it's executed so well." Listen to the Lumineers' "Ho Hey" below.