City and Colour Put On a Performance to Remember

photo-5   “Remember remember the fifth of November…” All those in attendance for City and Colour’s performance at Stage AE certainly will remember how they spent their November 5th. City and Colour is the alias for singer-songwriter Dallas Green.  The band’s name comes from Dallas – which is a city and Green - which is a color.  Although Green was a singer and guitarist in the post-hardcore band, Alexisonfire (disbanded in 2012), he started writing material for City and Colour at age 16.  Needless to say his music has progressed a long way since his 2005 release, Sometimes.  Green has grown from being a solo acoustic act to having a full band. Although I’m personally more of a fan of the acoustic and stripped down City and Colour material, I was excited to see a full live band. The second that Dallas Green emerged in the center of the stage the crowd awoke in an eruptive applause.  City and Colour started with a single off of their latest record, The Hurry and the Harm, “Of Space and Time.”  The full band was outstanding.  They didn’t just play songs off the record verbatim.  Each song was pretty much accompanied with some sort of impromptu jam. Aside from the terrific musicianship, I was genuinely impressed by how funny and interactive Dallas Green was with the crowd.  Green took a stab at a popular (and unfortunate) trend at concerts before playing a few songs solo. Green asked everyone the crowd to take out all there phones and hold them in the air.  He then immediately asked everyone to put their phones in their pockets and leave them there.  I loved it.  After Green’s anti-phone speech he broke into (my personal favorite!) “Body in a Box.” photo-4 Green’s acoustic set was my personal highlight of the show.  He interacted with the crowd the entire time; he even brought up how he was pulling for the Pirates in the playoffs.  Green wasn’t just funny he was extremely honest and humble.  “It’s very surprising for me to come to the US and have this many people interested and listening,” Green thankfully exclaimed to the crowd before the full band joined Green again on stage. The band continued to highlight The Hurry and the Harm during the later half of their set, including the hits “Paradise” and “Thirst.”  After a few more songs they band walked off the stage. We all knew they weren’t done.  But still “like a dog on a raw meat” (thank you Mike Lang) the “Encore!  Encore!  Encore!” chants started the second the band left the stage.  After a few brief moments, Green appeared on stage on stage alone.  He thanked the crowd again one more time before starting to play “The Girl.”  Now for those who don’t know, “The Girl,” has a reprise, so the full band joined Green onstage for the second half of the song.  The City and Colour would play two more encores, closing with “Death’s Song.” I honestly cannot say enough about how much I enjoyed The City and Colour’s performance.  Everything was solid; if you haven’t listened to or seen The City and Colour you are missing out!