Dr. Dog Rocks Stage AE!

photo-3 Pittsburgh was taken over by Philadelphia last Friday.  No the Phillies or the Flyers fans aren’t in town again, Dr. Dog was hear to rock Pittsburgh with their catchy melodies and groovy rhythms. Dr. Dog is a six piece neo-psychedelic/indie band out of West Grove, Pennsylvania (outside of Philly).  Dr. Dog has been very active since their inception.  They got their first record (Toothbrush) in the hands of My Morning Jacket front man, Jim James, after a concert and were eventually invited along for two tours.  They haven’t looked back since.  Dr. Dog has since released six records and been all over the concert circuit playing headlining tours and music festivals across the globe. Dr. Dog is currently supporting their seventh album, B-Room and was in town to play a show for their (hopefully!) second favorite city, Pittsburgh, at Stage AE. photo-2 The lights went out and an LED sign appeared lit up on stage reading “Dr. Dog MMM.Pittsburgh!”  The crowd roared with applause as Dr. Dog took the stage and immediately broke into the first song off of B-Room, “The Truth.”  Dr. Dog continued to roll out the hits after that, each song seemed to amp the crowd up more and more.  Every song was sung word for word by the crowd; it was one of the most receptive audiences I’ve seen in awhile.    The Singer and bassist Toby Leaman even pointed out that this was Dr. Dog’s largest crowd in Pittsburgh to date. The PA natives continued to roll out the hits, including two of my personal favorites “The Beach” and  “Too Weak to Ramble.”  Before leaving the stage for the first time Dr. Dog, broke played one of their classics, “Jackie Wants a Black Eye.” The lights went back out, the crowd was louder than any other point of the concert. ENCORE! ENCORE! ENCORE! After a few moments the West Grove natives graced the stage again send Pittsburgh off with a bang.  They opened their encore with “The Girl” and another tour debut, “ Rock & Roll” before closing with “The Rabbit, The Bat, and The Reindeer.” Dr. Dog didn’t just play a song or two for an encore they played five!  Dr. Dog’s set was certainly one to remember.  It was obvious they were feeding off of the energy put out by the crowd. If you haven’t checked out Dr. Dog before you definitely should!  And if you have a chance to check out Dr. Dog live GO DO IT!  I know I will be there next time they’re back in the ‘Burgh.