Cee Lo Green to be Tried for Furnishing Drugs

Last July in Los Angeles, Cee Lo Green allegedly gave a woman ecstasy. This isn't just a story about celebrity parties and excess though, as the drugged woman also alleged rape against the Voice judge. The Los Angeles district attorney says that there is insufficient evidence to support her rape claim, but the DA will be pursuing the felony charge of furnishing a controlled substance. The 33 year old woman making these claims remains unnamed, but after "slipping" her ecstasy, the two went to a hotel room where she woke up to a naked Cee Lo. It has been reported that the woman recorded a telephone conversation with Cee Lo in which he apologizes for slipping her the illegal drug. If convicted for this charge, Cee Lo Green will spend up to four years in prison. Bail was set at $30,000 prior to his arraignment. Cee Lo will "responsibly address" the claim in court, and his lawyer said, "We are pleased that the Los Angeles County District Attorney has completed it's investigation and concluded that the evidence did not support the false and unfounded claims made over a year ago. Mr. Green encouraged a full and complete investigation of those claims and he was confident once conducted he would be cleared of having any wrongful intent and it would be established that any relations were consensual."