Polly Anthony Dead at 59

pollyanthony-306v-1380641766   Polly Anthony passed away last weekend from pancreatic cancer.  Anthony was the president of Epic Records from 1997 to 2003, DreamWorks, and co-president of Geffen Records.  Polly Anthony was known for the A-list of music stars she worked with including the likes of the late Michael Jackson, Pearl Jam, Rage Against the Machine, and Macy Gray. Anthony was known for the push she put behind music artists regardless of what the industry considered "hot." Polly Anthony was the rare record executive who recognized an act's momentum and threw her and the label's support behind it.  Former Sony Music chairman, Tommy Mottola recalls Polly Anthony's work with Macy Gray,"I never saw her more committed than she was to Macy Gray. We were scratching our heads, but she took charge of it." The music industry certainly took a big blow this weekend.  Record company executives and CEO's are becoming more and more conservative as the decades pass by.  The music industry needs more people like Polly Anthony, someone who's willing to take risks and not worry about what is currently popular and making a buck. Hears to you Polly Anthony.