13 Year Old Patty Griffin Album Makes Debut

In the year 2000, Patty Griffin recorded a record, but you probably don't know much about it. The reason that you don't isn't your fault, either. The record, titled Silver Bell, was never released due to her label A&M Records being bought by Universal Music Group. Any music that did not fit the current recipe for "pop" music was given to other Universal divisions, but Silver Bell never turned up again, save leaked files that diehard fans were able to find. The album is making a triumphant return this October, 13 years later. There will be 14 tracks long, 13 of which are fresh mixes courtesy of producer Glyn Johns, and the 14th track is one that has never been heard before! Look for it on shelves on the 8th, and listen to "Truth #2" from Silver Bell here!


Offer it as a premium during your fundraising drive! :)